Stress and Pain


Was that you speaking?

Could it have been you?

Stress and Pain or Smooth Flow?

Stress is much more than an unpleasant circumstance of life. In its positive aspects, stress can get you up and moving, save your life, or motivate you. In its negative aspects, stress wears you down – literally – by providing you with those ever-tight muscle knots, that nagging low back pain, the headaches, hypertension or irritable bowel and more. Such ailments are red flags telling you that energy is not flowing smoothly through your body. That’s just the tip of the “stressberg!

“Where there is (energy) flow, there is no pain; where there is pain, there is no flow,” says my Teacher, Alexander Townend TCM, MMQ.

So, our job together is to learn to promote and support FLOW in your body, mind and spirit.

Making lifestyle change is never simple, but such change may be vitally important to your health and happiness. Supporting you as you create wellness in your life is my prime concern.

Time to put yourself on the bodywork table at Qi for Change.

Together, we’ll decide what combination of acupressure and bodymind healing will work best for your unique situation. You’ll have opportunities to alter the way stress affects you, to change some habits with support and also to learn to convert stressful energies into useful energy. Who couldn’t use that boost?

This is not a “formula program.” You and I will determine a course of treatment and action best suited to your unique needs. Qi for Change honours your journey.

Remember, statistics tell us that any change you want to create stands a much better chance of succeeding if you enlist someone as your ally. Call Jan at (905) 213 – 3624 or email now to book an appointment or to inquire about our services.

And now, while you’re waiting for your appointment, here’s your first free stress busting tip: try the idea described in this video!

Happiness dissolves stress. Imagine buying a little!

Watch this video from Michael Norton at TED.